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These videos were created by Kiwanis Christmas 365. Three Kiwanis clubs and 150 members contributed in various ways to create these strategies. 

Mentoring and Job Shadowing Program

Whether you are in need of guidance or want to give guidance to others, our Kiwanis Xmas 365 mentoring program is for you. Our new program offers online mentoring by Kiwanis professionals for young adults, and job shadowing to give you a true experience of the fields in which you are interested.

The idea is for the Kiwanis to embrace social media to connect with our youth, who are the future of Kiwanis.  Although it's new, it's easy to learn.

Kiwanis has thousands of great potential mentors and talent in every area. To connect to youth in every region the Kiwanis can offer online mentoring and job shadowing.

Experienced Kiwanis members are the key to mentoring. Online communities allow for the creation of satellite groups giving an innovative way for Kiwanis members of all ages to share ideas.

Don't be afraid to be too enthusiastic and make mistakes, instead worry about not doing anything when you are capable. We will run this for thirty days to gauge the amount of interest in this project. If you are interested in helping let us know. As the project develops it will expand and we may introduce another Kiwanis super hero video next month.

Circle K Kids Kiwanis International

Please share your name, and which club you are from. In about 250 words please share how you became successful or areas of your life you'd wish to highlight.

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Peace is possible Circle K International Convention Circle K District Convention Kiwanis
Christian from UofM Circle K says "I think the mentorship program has the potential to be an amazing program between Kiwanis and Circle K!' It would transition Circle K'ers into Kiwanis."

Circle K International Convention


Circle K District Convention


Kiwanis members are capable of creating a leading mentoring and leadership site. Can they adapt to use technology, share and rebuild? These are two of the very finest, Don and Bill.

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